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Haibike Flyon Xduro Nduro common faults


Working on Haibike Flyon

Haibike Flyon the flagship bike from Haibike with TQ HPR 120s motor with 120nm torque introduced in 2019.  The most powerful push bike motor produced, along with it's beauty.

However, this model comes with serveral common issues which we will be discussing on this page.


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TQ HPR 120s motor 120nm

With power comes the downfall.  We have a Haibike Flyon 10.0 only done 338 miles with 69hrs operation and 12 battery charge cycle, motor making squeaking noise as seen on this video.  There are claim, earlier batch of TQ HPR 120s motor produced in 2019 was fitted on Haibike Flyon 2020, 2021 models have suffered the same issue. Squeaking coming from the center part of the motor? Hmm interesting, German engineering! A whooping £1350 for a new motor?

Here is a video, example of the fault.

TQ HPR 120s motor

This is an example of the TQ HPR 120s motor.

However, are UK distributor for Haibike.

Warranty: 5 year frame and 2 year electricial including motor.  According to Haibike first year warranty is full cover and all expense are paid buy Raleigh to your Haibike authorised Service Centre for repairs carried out.  After 12 month the labour charges are to be paid by the owner of the bike.  However, I spoke to Releigh Support they they stated differently quoting "full cover for 24 month". 

This a common issues with motor and even if it is out of 2 year warranty Haibike should honour the repair or replacement of the motor beacuse it is a manufacturing defect.

Under Consumer Rights Act 2015, the manufacturer's are responsible for any producted sold to UK consumers upto 6 years from date of purchase.

Haibike TQ HPR SC Cables V01 Flyon Wiring Harness Cable Set

The wiring harness fault is a common issue, critical error on Flyon Display.

This critical error happens due to water getting into the e-bike via the front grills and collected at back of the intube battery connector. This can easily happen if you been out in the rain riding or washed your e-bike.  The 2 black grills located on the front of e-bike are for ventilation to the battery.  It is partially serving it's purpose but creating a bigger problem for later.  The battery connector (square box) is sealed although it is showing screws as we have discovered this by dismantling full wiring harness from Flyon Nduro 5.0.

The third picture set an example of how some people are fixing this issues by applying silicone on the back of the battery connector to prevent water getting in.

My recommendation is to avoid cycling on a rainy day (very unlikely) and during wash do not expose water to vented area. To be safe just towel dry the e-bike without a full rinse.

Here is a website link, example of the faulty which could develope on your Haibike Flyon e-bike.


TQ HPR 120s motor "O" ring


There is a rubber "O" seated between the TQ HPR 120s motor electrical connector and the bike's female connector situated on the center frame part of the wiring harness on e-bike frame.  We found that this "O" was misplaced on one of the e-bike we repaired.  Maybe someone was not so competent removing the motor and never seated the "O" ring properly or the "O" ring naturally moved out of position.


We used a tiny amount of silicone like flexible glue (T-8000) on each corner and seat the "O" ring in it's place, held it in position for 2 minutes for glue to adhere.  This helps to keep the "O" in place during motor refit.  It is critical to reseat the "O" ring properly is otherwise water and dirt will penetrate into the motor.

Haibike FLYON Cockpit Remote Control Buttons

This remote control also has a common issue.

The turnable switch on the top has a micro tatical switch inside which can break easily due to pressure applied on the top.


The "contact dome" under the plunger inside the tacticle switch is damaged and the button will no longer click.  Also the Flyon display will start doing weird things like going through functions without user operating the control.

We have fixed remote control by opening IP67 rated housing and replaced the top tacticale.

The tacticle switch dimension is 5mm x 5mm and 1.5mm height including plunger.

Now the button works as new and no abnormal behaviour from the display.  Hip Hip Hurray!!!

New switch and other parts can be found at CycleMart based in UK.  This generous company will sell to anyone. However, other retailers will only sell parts to customer who purchased the bike directly from them?



Haibike Carbon Aluminium frame

Haibike Flyon frame is an absolute beauty especially the red and black as shown here, a real head turner.  Well it should be, since your paying a premium £8000+.   However, this also has a issues like some other manufacturers, "yes you've guessed it! "SQUEAKING".

What we have discovered this frame start to squeaking after a short burst of ride, which is very annoying.  Also the two covers, battery and TQ motor guard also participate.


We feel that is a hugh let down by Haibike for a such beautiful e-bike, a "master piece".

However, frame is cover under 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects, but DO NOT cover damages done through misuse or accident.

We have also found, alot of Haibike Flyon are sale on eBay, probably due to retailers no longer providing support.

Haibike Flyon Battery

These battery are super expensive £899+, but also hard to get hold of here in the UK.  Therefore a good maintainence is highly recommended.  For the first 10 charge cycles, charge battery upto 100% and discharge it no less than 20% as this will complete battery calibration.  After the calibration is completed, charge the bike upto 80% (maximum 85%) and discharge no more than 20%.  I would recommend not to charge the battery overnight, this will overcharge the battery and it will slowly damage the cells.  Plug-in and charge battery 3hrs (approx) before your ride and disconnect charge once 80% reached.  However, once in a while do charge the battery upto 100% to keep the overall battery health to a optimum level.  This also charge the section of the battery (20%) which you have been protecting by not charging over 80%.  Discharging the battery to 0% is not recommended because this can damaged battery cells, and BMS (battery management system).  BMS is a circuit board within the battery resposible for charge function and data (SDA, SCL, Temp, etc) which reads the capacity in percentage and display it on lcd.  If the battery is discharged to 0% and the charger is plugged in, there will be a in-rush current feeding energy into the battery pack.  It is rare but it can happen, this in-rush current can overload the bms controller ic and damage it.  Storing the battery in a room temperature is equally important.  Room temperature can preserve the battery cells for much longer than being in a cold garage.  Just like humans, how long can you last in the cold?


We have also found, alot of Haibike Flyon are sale on eBay, probably due to retailers no longer providing support.

Alot of Service Centre in UK have stopped repairing Haibike Flyon.

Stay tuned as we will add more to the website on Haibike Flyon Nduro Xduro.

Haibike Flyon Fault codes


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